The Irish Polling Indicator combines all national election polls to one estimate of political support for each party. It is updated regularly to add the most recent polls. The Irish Polling Indicator is maintained by Tom Louwerse and Stefan Müller. Tom Louwerse created the Irish Polling Indicator when he was working at the Department of Political Science at Trinity College Dublin. Tom Louwerse is Associate Professor in Political Science, Leiden University (the Netherlands). Stefan Müller is Assistant Professor in Political Science, University College Dublin (Ireland).

If you have any questions about the method used or how you should read the results, feel free to contact us on Twitter (@tomlouwerse and @ste_mueller) or via email (tomlouwerse.nlmuellerstefan.net).

Please add the following citations if you use data from the Irish Polling Indicator in academic publications:

Point estimates and 95% Bayesian credible intervals for all parties on each day and the raw polling data from 1982–2020 are available from two Dataverse repositories. If you use the historical data in your work, please add the following citations: